Thai Massage with Kate

What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage is an ancient healing therapy which is believed to originate from Indian yoga and traditional Chinese medicine. 

We combine acupressure techniques with yoga stretches to enable full body health and wellness.

Traditionally the client is fully clothed and receives the treatment on a comfortable futon on the floor. Oils can be used for feet, hands and head but only if requested.

This is an incredibly energising and balancing massage and can be deeply relaxing or reinvigorating. 

There can be moments of intensity but I always listen to each individual and intuitively follow where the body is asking me to go.   

So come along and try this beautiful balancing massage, I promise you will leave wanting more.


Benefits of Thai Massage 

  • Reduces muscular tension
  • Mobilises joints
  • Balances energy
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Reduce Stress and enhance relaxation
  • Increase flexibility
  • Can help with pain levels within the body









Energy Lines in Thai Massage 

What are energy lines in Thai massage?

Similar to energy lines found in Traditional

 Chinese Medicine (Meridian lines) and yoga (Nadis) Thai massage lines are invisible lines which run through the entire body to sustain well being and vitality.

It is believed there are 72,000 lines within the body but in Thai massage we focus on 10 main lines. When we find blockages or restrictions along the lines this can lead to illness or disease. So, we gently massage the body to release the energetic tension to restore the flow of energy through the lines, rebalancing the whole body.  

Locations for Massage

Bledlow Studio

In your own Home (You must haves seen me at least once at Bledlow before a home visit)


£50 for 60 mins

£58 for 75 mins

£65 for 90 mins

£80 for 120 mins

Please email for booking: