Meet Kate


My yoga practice began when I was 16, my Mum and I would head to the local village hall and be the naughty gigglers in the back row. The teacher was really wonderful but I wasn’t quite ready to fully understand what yoga really is.

After battling anorexia, depression and panic attacks in my late teens and early 20’s I began the journey of self-acceptance, which eventually took me to India. This is where I was awakened to the genuine world of yoga and started to immerse myself into the practice (this time without the giggles). I saw how this incredible discipline not only gave me the ability to open and strengthen my body but mentally connected me to how I felt in each passing moment.

Deciding to explore my mind was a particularly painful part of my new yoga discovery, but I wanted to learn more. I went to a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation centre in Punjab to deepen my awareness, and positively challenge myself. It was honestly, one of the hardest things I have ever done. We would wake up at 4 am, meditate for around 10 hours (food breaks were really the only time off) and when sleep was just about sinking in, the bell would ring again for morning and we would repeat our routine all over again. Although this was hugely an uncomfortable time for me, I learnt so much about who I am, the good the bad and the ugly. But this awareness encouraged me to want to teach to others what I had started to unravelled…the capacity to accept, to self sooth, to listen with my heart and begin to change.

I completed my 200 Hours (yoga alliance) yoga teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa in India, Goa in March 2015. Then went back in October to further my training (300 hours) where my Vinyasa flow creativity flourished. I also learnt how to balance the yang energy of strong yoga practices with the stillness of yin yoga classes. 

Currently I am training at the Minded Institute to become a yoga therapist. This blends beautifully the scientific research of modern day with the ancient wisdom of yoga to create a therapeutic practice. I will finally have the appropriate skills to help more and more people, especially those who have depression, anorexia, anxiety, panic attacks, drug abuse, chronic pain and so much more. It is a new and exciting therapy to be part of, and I can’t wait to share all I have learnt.

In 2017 I trained as a Thai Massage therapist. An ancient healing massage which combines acupressure energy work with yoga movement in a mindful, compassionate way. Please see the Thai Massage page for more details. 

Although we think of yoga as a physical practice, once you understand that the body is inseparable from the mind (emotions, thoughts) we realise that yoga is a gateway to purifying the soul, which stays with us on and off the mat. And yes, yoga is hard work, as is life, but by learning this ancient skill you are giving yourself the greatest gift.

My classes are always a reflection of what I am learning and I try to provoke creativity, commitment, compassion and constant change.

Namaste xx

RYS-300   RYT-200